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Ensemble le confinement

Etre créateur d'événements à l'heure du confinement et de la crise sanitaire liée au Covid-19 est une véritable Gageure. Nathalie Capdevielle et Quai des Etoiles ont toujours eu à coeur de vous offrir émotions et plaisir avec des animations originales et de qualité. Mais à l'heure où nous ne pouvons plus nous retrouver "comme avant" et où tout, dans nos métiers, doit être repensé et réinventé, comment faire face ?

Parce que vous avez des questions et que Quai des Etoiles doit continuer à être un lien, une véritable passerelle entre les artistes et les événements, Nathalie Capdevielle répond présente et vous aide à reconstruire notre avenir.

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A new challenge!

The 'Quai des Etoiles' has gone one step further in the creation of artistic events. Already specialised in placing artists, in offering artistic advice and the creation of events, the agency has acquired state-of-the art technical know-how thus providing even more originality in its artistic creations.
Nathalie Capdevielle,who was brought up in an artistic environment,(she herself trained at Michel Fugain's 'Big Bazar' while her father was a conductor and first-class trumpet player and her mother a concert pianist)has set herself the challenge of proposing to her clients more than a catalogue of artistes but providing actual performances.

A little extra something

For the agency 'Quai des Etoiles' the success of an event is not just about the technical expertise. According to Nathalie Capdevielle, its owner:"It is above all a uniquely human experience. Our main aim is to create an atmosphere where we touch the emotions of the audience."

Chantaconia Productions

The performances are part of these superficial things, so unnecessary, which in fact turn out to be necessary in the service of corporate events. Also, to respond to a request demanding and constantly changing due to the peculiarity of the performing arts, Nathalie Capdevielle resumed in July 2011 a production company licensed DRAC, essential to the organization and design of national events and international.