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10 years old : what they say about us

Magazine Ramdam

"Quai des Etoiles": sharing a bright sequence of memorable events.

Pierre Combes
Hippodrome de Toulouse

Accompanying our guests to unknown talents.

Caroline Gadomski, com.
Annie Hennequin

Over the last ten years the "Quai des Etoiles" has succeeded in bringing together the unlikely couple, art and business.

Hippodrome de Toulouse

"Quai des Etoiles", where our dreams come true.

Jérôme Rambaud, Directeur
Hydro Technal

"Quai des Etoiles", is above all Nathalie Capdevielle, an artiste in the service of artistes.

Marie Claude Picard
Agence Pm Event

In terms of her art, her know-how, her sensitivity and creativity, Nathalie Capdevielle is a gem.
Happy Birthday to “Quai des Etoiles”…

Patricia Mezergue
So Toulouse

Travels to the heavens across the Milky Way. In the company of the " Quai des Etoiles" you're beamed up.

Roxane Nomine, Resp. Prom.
Airbus SAS

"Quai des Etoiles": an invitation to link up continents both by the musical choices as well as the quality of its artistes. It also represents an invitation to be transported elsewhere and discover tenderness. Congratulations and may the show continue another thousand years.

Marie-France Perrin, Jérôme Rondeau
Jérôme Murat Statue à 2 têtes

"Quai des Etoiles" porte bien son nom. En dix ans il a su nous porter au firmament..

Agence A. Deque

Don't hesitate to ask for the moon and even if you don't get it, you'll reach, by the way of the "Quai des Etoiles", the heavens!

Dominique Labaï & Christophe Schnitzler
Jean-Pierre Blanchard Peintre événementiel

My dear Nathalie,
The "Quai des Etoiles" already 10 years old; it's a great adventure, a young one, just like your cheerfulness and your smile; even more it has a promising, very starry future. I wish all of you at the "Quai des Etoiles" a very happy birthday. All the best.

Caisse d'Epargne

10 years old already! The impression that the "Quai des Etoiles" has always been with us given the excellent reputation it has in its field. The "Caisse d'Epargne" is fortunate in having had pleasurable, original events organised by the "Quai des Etoiles". The quality of the shows, with their artistes have given lots of enjoyment to its clients, who still remember them to this day and who ask for more.... 

Jean-Marc Auriol, chargé com.
Airbus SAS

A choice of excellent artistes for a fabulously high quality show.

Peggy Sarrat-Vialtel
SR Conseil

Thanks to Nathalie, we can inhabit the stars,on stage and in our heads. Very talented! 

Sylvie Rouillon-Valdiguie
Mairie de Blagnac

Thanks to Nathalie and her partners for the superb evenings organised for our annual staff evening.

Service DRH
Crédit Mutuel Midi-Atlantique

Joy, always cheerful, professionalism, the star which illuminates our events.

Sylviane Castello, Direction Générale
Paul Capdevielle Alias Sentimental Trumpet

Just like a ship which hoists sails,secure yourself to the "Quai des Etoiles" to share in the well organised, artistic events.

Les Acrostiches

We have spent several magical evenings with the Quai des Etoiles. Thank you for putting your trust in us. May your shows long continue!

Acrostichement, Jak, Dimitri, Dangelo
O. E. C. Tlse MP

"Attention to needs and professionalism" two elements which perfectly define Nathalie Capdevielle and her "Quai des Etoiles".

Evelyne Denayrolles, Secrétaire Générale
Carsat MP

Entrust Nathalie with precise details of your project. She gives you professional, experienced artists and also talented beginners who will light up your evening. The definition of the "Quai des Etoiles"? The 'nec plus ultra' of the events world.

Hélène Baux-Legal, Directrice Déléguée et Claudie Pomarede Roudière, service com.

Emotion, sensitivity, kindness and professionalism are the terms best suited to describe your personality and the events you create. Affectionately.

Laurent Chabaud
Gimm Traiteur

Love, passion, a great knowledge of your job; but the constantly high level of quality of your events that you've shown over the last ten years, that's called professionalism. Well done, Nat.

Gérard Calvet PDG
Université Tlse III

In an international conference, the banquet is the high point which remains in the participants' memories. In Toulouse the "Quai des Etoiles" has illuminated the festivities many times, in particular in 2001 at the "Hôtel Dieu" during the momentous week of 9/11. Our thanks to the very professional Nathalie Capdevielle who knows how to combine pleasure and efficiency.

Jean Léotin, Professeur Emérite

For us (clients and friends) Nathalie is our star. We wish this star to shine for a long time to come over our heads and that it will go on guiding us towards great moments of emotion.

Laurent Perrinet & Michel Tartarin - Com.

Space station in which I've had the pleasure of working. Ten years old already! All the best in the hope that the station remains in orbit for a long time to come.

Wally, Humoriste

"Quai des Etoiles": you're sitting on the edge of the quay and a star will carry you to a dream world.

Sophie Nanin, Resp. Dévlt et Com.
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